Types of Ayurvedic Massages and Their Health Benefits

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Types of Ayurvedic Massages and Their Health Benefits

An Ayurvedic massage is a massage which is done using warm essential oils as per the Ayurveda school guidelines. It not only work asa pain reliever but also as a preventive medicine which increases blood circulation, stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system andrevitalizes and purify the body. Ayurvedic medicine Pune is an Indian traditional medicine which also produced massage oils that are highly effective.

There are different types of Ayurvedic massage treatments. As per the Ayurvedic massage center Pune, the various types of ayurvedic massages are as follows-
1. Abhyanga
It includes a full body massage with medicated hot herbal oils in the dosha as per patient’smedical condition. Pressure is applied in different ways to the pressure points which stimulates different energy centers. It helps the body in getting rid of deep seated toxins and improves the blood circulation of the body as well.

• Calms the nerves
• This massage strengthens muscles, joints,and bones.
• Nourishes the entire body
• Increases circulation
• Assists in elimination of impurities and toxins from the body
• Benefits sleep—better, deeper sleep
• Increases stamina

2. Pizhichil
The special kind of vessel named Kindi is used to put the warm massage oil in this type of massage. This vessel is positioned quite a few inches above the body of the person who is taking a massage. It totally depends on the patient’s health state as to which medicated oil is to be used. The oil and the massage basically generate heat which causes perspiration that is needed to Vata Dosha stability.

• It helps in removing pain and arduousness in the joints.
• It improves digestion.
• It helps to improve neurological conditions, especially paralysis, including paraplegia, hemiplegia, and monoplegia.
• It is suitable for people who are suffering from painful conditions and injuries.

3. Udvartana
It is an ayurvedic powder massage in which herbal powders are used. The drying nature of herbal powders in the massage helps to dry Kapha, which is heavy and moist.

• Ithelps in boosting blood circulation and removing toxins.
• It helps in weight loss and removal of excess Kapha Dosha in the body.
• It improves muscle tone.
• It deeply exfoliates the skin.
• It also gives mobility to the joints.

4. Garshana
This massage does not involve oil or herbal powders. It does not require any lubricant. It uses raw silk gloves for stimulating the body.

• It stimulates lymphatic system which eliminates the toxins.
• It breaks down the fat cells in the body.
• It exfoliates the skin and makes it clean and glowing.

5. Shirodhara
This is a kind of skull massage wherein a constant stream or ‘dhara’ of herbal or medicated oil is poured on the scalp in order to stimulate the nerves in the head.

• It relieves headaches.
• It enhances clarity and focus.
• It dismisses mental fatigue.
Ayurveda works to achieve balance and symmetry in the body by realigning the chakras and qi.The full body ayurvedic massage would take nearly an hour. Separate oils are used for the head and the body. Both are homemade Ayurvedic massage oils. You can also purchase these oils from any ayurvedic wellness center.

Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr Vinod P. Nair, one of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune, is conferred with the prestigious degree of “Ayurveda Acharya” by the Central Council of Indian medicine for his valuable contributions in the field of Ayurveda.
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