Raktamokshana- A Blood-letting therapy

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Raktamokshana- A Blood-letting therapy

Below are the following measures are taken as the treatment of rakthaja roga-

  • All therapies suggested for the treatment of rathapitta
  • Upavasa
  • Virechana
  • Rakthamokshana


It can be best indicated when

  • It is not cloudy
  • Nor the day is bad
  • A day is neither too hot
  • A day is neither too cold


  • Early winter – midday
  • Summer season – when it is cold
  • Rainy season – on a clear day

It is mainly of two types-

  • Anushasthra visravana
  • Sasthra visravana

According to VAGHBATA, these are considered as ANUSHASTHRA

  • non-metallic substances, stone piece, glass, Nails
  • Cauterization
  • Alkali
  • Leech


Leeches are broadly categorized into 2 types

  • Nonpoisonous – 6 types
  • Poisonous – 6 types

Once the patient is sat in a relaxed mode, the shodhita leech is applied on the diseased spot. The mouth of the leech is covered with a soft moistened cotton swab. The leech starts sucking the blood from the affected area when its shoulders rise and the mouth starts opening. Some amount of ksheera is put on the affected area if the leech does not suck the blood and it starts sucking. Once the itching starts at the affected area, pour rock salt at the mouth of the leech as it starts sucking the pour blood.

The leech should then immediately be dipped into dilute saline water, water having turmeric in it and normal water in a sequential manner. The Leech should not be used for the same process for the next seven days.


Let the blood flow from the area for one to three minutes after the removal of the leech. Afterward, it should be covered with jathyadi Brigham. The reduced pain, redness indicates the vitiated blood is removed. One can also get this Body purification therapy in Pune.


It is another type of raktamokshana. In this method, artificial cuts are made over the elevated portion of the skin using any pointed instrument, fine needles or scalpel. The method is usually used in few skin disorders and in localized blood disorders. aseptic measures are taken prior to performing this and antiseptic dressing is advised over the area.


The purified blood helps the sense organs to work fast and in a powerful way. As a result, the person becomes healthy and happy. Siravyadha is another process for the complete blood purification. Such treatment of Panchakarma in Pune is also available and one should not miss getting benefited from it.

Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr Vinod P. Nair, one of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune, is conferred with the prestigious degree of “Ayurveda Acharya” by the Central Council of Indian medicine for his valuable contributions in the field of Ayurveda.
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