A woman’s body goes through numerous changes throughout her life. Monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancy, early motherhood, and menopause, she has to go through various hormonal changes and adapt those constant changes in her body. In India, a woman has to go through tremendous pressure of always doing her best, balancing the responsibility of work and home, equally. Whether it’s a school going girl who works hard to stay in the competition or a working woman who got to prove herself for her promotion, or a housewife who need to take care of her family, relatives, and children.

A woman needs strength and immense immunity power to handle everything deliberately. Failing which, she increases her risk of causing diseases, reduced bone density, early ageing, and early menopause. Luckily, our Ayurvedic hospital in Pune, Jeevana Ayurveda has been helping women of all age; remain balanced at every stage of her life.

In this blog, we will find out the various problems a woman face throughout her life and how our Ayurveda doctor in Pune can guide them towards healthy well-being.

What are the health issues a woman faces in her life?

Stress: Experts have proved that a woman, as soon as enter her puberty stage, her stress level starts escalating. The study pressure, fear of failure, performance anxiety at her workplace, and above all, being up to the expectations of her family, friends, and loved ones. However, the stress slowly weakens her ability to handle any situation confidently.

Stress among women is far more dangerous than men. Most importantly, it affects her menstrual cycle, fertility, and raise complications during menopause. At Jeevana, we offer Panchakarma treatment to help our clients feel relaxed and stress-free. The process involves a massage to your entire body using different oils that relaxes your stressed muscles and nerves, and detune your mind and soul. Panchakarma is suitable for women of all age, from her 20s to 80s.

Obesity: Did you know? Stress is the primary factor of causing obesity in women. Stress-eating is one of the most common factors among women to cope up with mood swings and sadness. Eating junk foods and living a sedentary lifestyle puts on the weight, which she finds challenging to get rid of even after her pregnancy. Also, her hormonal changes play a vital role in bulging out the body.

At Jeevana weight loss centre in Pune, we examine the root cause of obesity in women to determine the best-suited treatment with effective results. Women can also try Ayurvedic home remedies for weight loss such as drinking lukewarm water with lemon and honey, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, pulses, whole grains, and food rich in vitamins and fibres. A healthy diet is the best solution to keep your body in a balanced shape.

Weaken Bone:Women in her 20s are less concerned about her bones, diet, and calcium intake. As a result, when she enters her 30s, the body tends to lose calcium and slows done, generating more. Pregnant women, due to lack of calcium, has a higher risk of delivery complications. Early precaution is the best solution to overcome calcium deficiency and its risks.

Include dairy products in your diets such as milk, cheese, paneer, and curd. The dairy products regenerate your bone structure by offering an adequate amount of calcium to your body. Apart from this, you can also sign up for Ayurvedic massage at our centre. Using walnut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and other natural ingredients, we revitalize the bone density, making it durable and firm.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle:The number of women suffering from PCOD is increasing every year. More and more women are facing difficulty to have a stable and regular menstrual cycle. Those having monthly menstrual cycle are suffering from unbearable period cramps, constipation, and acne. The hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle increase the body heat, and women experience discomfort handling her normal daily activities.

Ayurveda recommends young girls who have just entered her initial years of the menstrual cycle, to apply lukewarm clove oil over the abdomen and use heat bag to alleviate the period cramps and pain.
Women suffering from PCOD should consume Aloe Vera juice for best results. During menopause, women should cultivate a routine of light exercise in the morning and drink warm turmeric milk before going to bed at night.

Health Tips for Women According to Her Age:

Teens:Pitta Doshas often govern this stage of a girl’s life. You need to check your daughter’s underlying doshas to act accordingly. If she is Kapha dominant, do not feed her with sweet or heavy foods, as it will increase her obese. But, if she is Vata dominant, feed her heavy, sweet, and oily foods to help put on some weight.

You can also visit our Ayurvedic clinic for Ayurveda packages for teens that include organic rose petal spread, herbal soaps, organic rose water, and intelligence herbs to boost her mental ability. The herbs include Ashwagandha, bacopa, and Gotu kola to help your daughter achieve high excellence in her academic and healthy activities.

Women in her 20s and 30s:

At this age, women start her career, start their own family, or assign her for solo adventures. Pitta Dosha dominates this stage of life. Therefore, meditation, yoga, and self-care routine nurture her mind, body, and soul. Women who are planning to have a child soon can focus on nurturing their Shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue).

To boost her fertility, women should include fresh, organic food, dairy products, soaked almonds and walnuts, date milkshakes, and rice pudding. During her periods, she must take plenty of rest during the first few days and take a short walk as a form of exercise. Abhyanga procedure can help your body detoxify, moisturize, and offer better blood circulation to release stress.

Women in her 40s and 50s:

At this age, women start heading towards menopause. She encounters dry and damaged skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Menopause symptoms such as irritation, hot flashes, and night sweats will start to cause discomfort. Avoid eating spicy and oily food—instead, taste sweet, bitter, and astringent food items. A daily hot oil massage will ease the nervous system and tone your muscles.

Vaginal dryness and memory loss can also be prevented by warm and Vata-pacifying food. Our Ayurvedic formulas can also help women of this age to promote her emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Women in her 60s and 70s:

At this age, women often retire from their work and focus on enjoying her life, spending time with family, travelling, hobbies, and volunteer works. Women feel strong and determined at this age. However, any medical condition or discomfort that restricts you from doing so, an Abhyanga procedure will do miracles in stabilizing your mood, health, and emotions. At this age, the goal is to help women stay active, limber, and enjoy her time with her grandkids and families.

Follow a diet that soothes your doshas and practice some yoga to keep your bones and muscles active.

Women in her 80s and Beyond:

At this age, women find difficulty falling asleep. We encourage them to practice an Ayurvedic Dinacharya, practice Abhyanga and take organic digestion tonic to fight constipation and wake up fresh in the morning.

The Ayurvedic routine is almost the same for women in 60s-70s and in her 80s and beyond. It is all about a woman staying in touch with her body, carefully monitoring her health, and never losing the flexibility of her body.

To learn more on women health issues and Ayurvedic treatments, we invite you to book a session with our Ayurvedic doctor in Pune. We help people reclaim their healthy life and enjoy every stage of it.

Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr Vinod P. Nair, one of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune, is conferred with the prestigious degree of “Ayurveda Acharya” by the Central Council of Indian medicine for his valuable contributions in the field of Ayurveda.
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