DO’s AND DONT’s – For boosting Your Child’s Immunity as Per Ayurveda

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DO’s AND DONT’s – For boosting Your Child’s Immunity as Per Ayurveda

Gone are the days when we could leave our children carefree to play without worrying much about them. Whether it is rainy, summer, or winter, it is becoming difficult to keep children within the brackets of health. Various reasons such as poor nutrition, unhealthy and inactive lifestyles account for reduced immunity, making our kids prone to illness.

The times are different today; children have to deal with academic competition while leading their hyperactive social activities. Poor immunity causes frequent sickness, which can be a hurdle in leading a happy and playful life. Ayurvedic treatment in Pune can significantly help parents maintain their child’s health naturally by boosting their immunity.

The immune system acts as a soldier of the body, fighting against infections and health disorders. Weak viruses stimulate the natural immune system, preventing diseases. But if the immunity is weak, even the weakest virus can cause illness. In today’s scenario, some of the prevalent diseases children suffer from are:

1. Conjunctivitis, eye disorders, poor eyesight
2. Mumps
3. Pneumonia
4. Poor digestion and frequent diahrroeahas

And more diseases due to low immunity. Though antibiotics can provide relief in a considerably short span of time, it makes our immunity less efficient; our natural immunity responds lesser in the absence of antibiotics.

The ayurvedic concept of curing, healing, and strengthening immunity is based on knowledge of human anatomy and how well it responds to ayurvedic treatment. According to Ayurveda, our body is made of Panchtatva, so the cure provided by ayurvedic treatment in Pune is also based on nature and naturally derived medicines from nature’s lap.

In Ayurveda, there is a particular branch of study dedicated to child’s health and health care practices called Kaumarabhrutya. And, since the child receives a boon of immunity right in the mother’s womb, a specialized branch is dedicated to studying the mother’s health aspects as well, called Kuamarabhrutya. Therefore ensure child’s health right from the beginning of life. According to Ayurveda, here are some dos and don’t s to ensure your child’s strong immunity and good health.

DO’s As Per Ayurveda

Breastfeeding Infant For One Year At Least:
According to ayurvedic principles, mothers should breastfeed their child/children for at least one year. Mothers’ milk contains nutrients that are necessary for a child’s development. It also contains antibodies that strengthen the child’s immunity. In fact, the composition of mothers’ milk changes every day, providing essential nutrients according to the developing child for the child’s nourishment.

Ensuring Ample Sleep For Your Child:
Ayurveda suggests that infants should get 18 hours of sleep a day, while children below ten years of age should receive ten hours of sleep a day. Those are essential development years of a child, and most of the energy is channelized in development processes. Sufficient sleep is a must to boost a child’s development.

Maintenance Of Child’s Gut Health:
Parents must carefully invigilate a child’s gut health because it is an essential key to strong immunity. Ayurveda explains that the stomach contains a digestive fire called Agni, which digests food and converts it into the energy utilized in cell function. If children fall sick frequently, it signifies nutritional deficiency or the formation of Ama in the gut, which is formed due to toxin accumulation in the digestive tract of the gut. The retractable reason for toxic gut juices is probably unhealthy food and lack of excersises. So, it imperative that parents give warm, homecooked meals to children to ensure a healthy gut giving a healthy life.

Oil Massage For Children:
The practice (oil massage) is known as abhyanga in ayurvedic terminology. Traditionally, newborn children are given oil massages that offer immense benefits to the child’s health. Mustard, sesame, or coconut oil massage can help in robust bone development and improvement in blood circulation, thereby improving children’s overall health.

Swarnaprashan: Natural immunity booster for toddlers:
The description of swarnaprashan is in Vedas. The composition has herbal nutrients and 24-carat gold extracts. Its consumption is fruitful in enhancing intellect, vision, digestive system, physical strength, immunity, digestion, and metabolism of growing child, as per Vedas’ recommendation.


Following are some of the things that should not be given to children to prevent their health deterioration.

Though antibiotics give instantaneous relief but are not good as it takes away the body’s natural resistance power to fight with infections; thus making your child’s immunity respond less to infections. Giving antibiotics immediately as a remedy can make your child more dependent on an antibiotic remedy. Instead, you can resort to some natural immunity booster such as swarnprashan or home remedies such as honey, etc., to ward off minor disorders such as cough and cold. You can obtain an appropriate ayurvedic immunity booster concoction from Jeevana, Kerela ayurvedic center in Pune.

Junk Food Consumption:
The best way to take care of a child’s health is to provide them good food and cut off unhealthy/junk food from their diet. There’s a quote “Feed on positive and starve the negative,” in context to food, good food will nourish. On the contrary, unhealthy food will deteriorate health. It is essential to take charge of child nourishment right in the early years of their development and inculcate home-cooked meal eating habits in them. Parents too, must be vigilant with eating habits as a child’s visual learning is very active. So, if the parents use processed food, children too will end up munching junk food.

Excess Screen Time:
Parents must limit the children’s screen time, whether it is television, laptop, tab, or mobile. Already, the coronavirus lockdown has shifted the onus of education to online mode. Allowing children to spend excessive time on screen, can not only hamper their eyes and brain function but also can have numerous ill effects on the child. Encourage them to play in the park (taking all safety measures against coronavirus) with good companion so that they learn to socialize and share their joy.

Expose Them To Disturbed Environment:
It is essential to ward off disturbed atmosphere from home. Expose your child to good habits, and parents themselves must be cautious with words as children learn faster while observing. Bad words and bad habits have to be cut off. Children should feel a home is the safest place where they can communicate clearly with their parents. A gloomy atmosphere leads to adverse physiological and psychological impacts on a child’s development and behavior.
Adopting ayurvedic lifestyles can prosper you and your family’s health by boosting immunity. Jeevana, Kerela ayurvedic treatment in Pune, provides a comprehensive range of treatment to cure diseases naturally and promote your health with the help of specially prepared medicines after thorough research by well-experienced ayurvedic practitioners. For more information, browse our website.

Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr. Vinod P. Nair
Dr Vinod P. Nair, one of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune, is conferred with the prestigious degree of “Ayurveda Acharya” by the Central Council of Indian medicine for his valuable contributions in the field of Ayurveda.
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